Queer Healthcare Accountability Coalition

Kevin Wang


Swedish First Hill Family Medicine

1401 Madison Street


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  • United Healthcare
  • Coordinated Care (Medicaid)
  • Molina (Medicaid)
  • Amerigroup (Medicaid)
  • Medicare

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Does this provider accept Medicare?




Family Medicine with Obstetrics


gay men, lesbians, bisexual, trans women, trans men, people of color, people in recovery, people with disabilities, active drug users


Gender Identity


Sexual Orientation


Training and Practices

Gender Neutral Restrooms?


Comprehensive intake forms that include a patient's chosen name and gender pronouns?


Clinic uses a patient's chosen name (as opposed to their legal name) on their chart?


Trans standard of care used:

Informed consent model

Staff Trained in LGBTQ Issues?



Alison Davison and focused on trans* health but also encompassed how to be more welcoming and inclusive for all LGBTQ people. It was Swedish Medical Center's initial pilot project to start cultural competency training.

Staff Trained in Racial & Cultural Issues?



Swedish Medical Center and it primarily includes the use of training modules online.


What does your clinic do to make the space welcoming and inclusive for LGBQ-identified patients?

We are currently working on changing the intake forms to include sexual orientation and gender identity. I am also working with our IT department to include gender identity in our demographic section. We are also working on making our clinic (and our hospital system) a Safe Place. We recently partnered with Seattle Gay News to publish monthly articles to focus on health screening and maintenance.

What does your clinic do to make the space welcoming and inclusive for trans- and genderqueer-identified patients?

We're actively working on having additional signs and posters that include the LGBTQ population to make our clinic more inclusive. We just need to run it by our clinic managers.

Please describe the ways in which you are involved in LGBTQ community outside of your practice (ex: Do you attend conferences on working with LGBTQ clients? Are you involved in local organizations that serve these communities? etc).

I currently teach the LGBTQ curriculum in our residency program and recently created the LGBTQ Area of Concentration to get our residents more involved and educated in LGBTQ health. I am also the lead contact with Seattle Gay News for our monthly articles. I am also in talks with the YMCA and Camp Ten Trees LGBTQ Youth Camps so that our residency program can help with check ins/outs along with dedicated workshops for health topics. I also volunteer at Gay City once a week in the immunization clinic. I am involved in the LGBTQ section of the American Academy of Family Physicians and was instrumental in having our national academy support a resolution for marriage equality (it didn't pass the previous 6 years).

What else do you want potential patients to know about you or your clinic?

I also am a vocal support of women's reproductive health an am currently a board of directors member with Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands. I am also actively working within the Swedish Medical Center to make it a welcoming place for my fellow LGBTQers to receive the highest quality care. We also take additional insurance other than those providers listed above.