Queer Healthcare Accountability Coalition

Cynthia Good Mojab


LifeCircle Counseling and Consulting

16825 48th Ave W, Suite 250



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psychotherapy, perinatal mental health


gay/bi/queer men, lesbian/bi/queer women, bisexual people, trans women, trans men, genderqueer folks, people of color


Gender Identity

cis female

Sexual Orientation


Training and Practices

Gender Neutral Restrooms?


Comprehensive intake forms that include a patient's chosen name and gender pronouns?


Clinic uses a patient's chosen name (as opposed to their legal name) on their chart?


Trans standard of care used:

client's choice

Staff Trained in LGBTQ Issues?



Conference sessions and webinars provided by educators from LGBTQ communities

Staff Trained in Racial & Cultural Issues?



3 decades of bicultural/bilingual living, training on cultural issues in graduate school, multiple conference sessions/webinars on equity, diversity, cultural competence, cultural humility, and social justice. I am now an educator on cultural humility and dismantling institutional oppression in the perinatal fields.


What does your clinic do to make the space welcoming and inclusive for LGBQ-identified patients?

Use of inclusive language; respect of clients' sexual orientation; avoidance of heteronormative assumptions; open discussion (if desired by clients) of the impact of systemic oppression on their well being; open discussion (if desired by clients) of the influence of my privilege on the therapy process

What does your clinic do to make the space welcoming and inclusive for trans- and genderqueer-identified patients?

See above.

Please describe the ways in which you are involved in LGBTQ community outside of your practice (ex: Do you attend conferences on working with LGBTQ clients? Are you involved in local organizations that serve these communities? etc).

I forward the voices of LGBTQ communities into spaces in which I have privilege (e.g., as a conference speaker, in organizations in which I hold membership); work alongside my LGBTQ colleagues in projects related to dismantling institutional oppression in the perinatal fields; help organize educational events in which education about working with LGBTQ clients is provided; advocate for members of LGBTQ communities to be selected into positions of power in organizations in which I hold membership; advocate that organizations in which I hold membership provide more anti-oppression and cultural humility training to their service providers and power holders, utilize inclusive language/content/images in their media, conduct a systematic evaluation of institutional oppression in the organization, and work toward dismantling institutional oppression; ....

What else do you want potential patients to know about you or your clinic?

"I provide counseling services addressing the needs of individuals, couples, and families experiencing challenges related to a variety of issues and experiences, such as: Stress, mood, and anxiety concerns Loss, grief, and trauma Relationships Life transitions Communication Expectations Perfectionism Role conflicts Balance and self-care Body image and dysphoria Sexual orientation Gender identity and expression Giftedness I also help people with issues related to reproductive, perinatal, and parenting experiences, such as conception, pregnancy, birth, adjusting to life with baby, lactation, and parenting.´╗┐ I strive to create a safe and healthy environment where all of my clients feel respected, accepted, and affirmed regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family structure´╗┐, marital status, national origin, citizenship, ethnicity, age, size, disability, and socioeconomic status. I care deeply about social justice."