Queer Healthcare Accountability Coalition


HIV Prevention, HIV Testing, HIV Medical Case Management, Nutritional Assistance for People Living with HIV


1016 E Pike St


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HIV prevention, HIV care, medical and housing case managment for people living with HIV, nutrition for people living with HIV


gay/bi/queer men, lesbian/bi/queer women, bisexual people, trans women, trans men, genderqueer folks, people of color, people in recovery, people with disabilities, active drug users, sex workers, Youth, Homeless/Houseless, people engaged in survival sex


Gender Identity

trans, genderqueer

Sexual Orientation

queer, pansexual

Training and Practices

Gender Neutral Restrooms?


Comprehensive intake forms that include a patient's chosen name and gender pronouns?


Clinic uses a patient's chosen name (as opposed to their legal name) on their chart?


Trans standard of care used:

we provide information and support to trans individuals living with HIV or who wish to reduce their risk of aquiring HIV. We are knowledgable about how HIV affects trans people as opposed to other communities and how HIV medications and PrEP interact with

Staff Trained in LGBTQ Issues?



Most people working at Lifelong are LGBTQI+ and are part of the community we serve. We regularly have trainings around queer/trans competency.

Staff Trained in Racial & Cultural Issues?



We receive trainings on cultural competency regarding race/ethnicity and cultural sensitivity.


What does your clinic do to make the space welcoming and inclusive for LGBQ-identified patients?

We are a very queer environment. We are culturally sensitive, and connected, to the needs and challenges of being queer. Lifelong's staff is very LGBTQI+ diverse. We are particularly focused on making our environment comfortable and amenable to the most marginalized queer communities, such as those who are homeless, trans, intersex, active drug users, sex workers, QTPOC, etc.

What does your clinic do to make the space welcoming and inclusive for trans- and genderqueer-identified patients?

We have all-gender bathrooms, staff are trained to ask pronouns, staff are COMFORTABLE interacting with trans/NB individuals, trans and non-binary folks on staff

Please describe the ways in which you are involved in LGBTQ community outside of your practice (ex: Do you attend conferences on working with LGBTQ clients? Are you involved in local organizations that serve these communities? etc).

It is very important to us to be engaged in our community on more issues than HIV alone. We partner with organizations such as GLSEN, Gender Justice League, Gay City, Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, Lambert House, etc. to create events and safe places for LGBTQ youth and allies. We provide street outreach (food, clothing, supplies, and referrals) to homeless LGBTQ youth. We partner with AllHome and Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness each year for their Youth Advocacy Summit, which gives homeless youth the opportunity to advocate for their community on a legislative level.

What else do you want potential patients to know about you or your clinic?

Lifelong is committed to reducing barriers to accessing care, and eliminating stigma. We work with clients where they are, and do not try to change WHO they are. We do not require insurance.