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Wendy Enden


Wendy Enden Counseling

304 Main Ave. S., #201



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Mental Health (general), LGBTQ


gay/bi/queer men, lesbian/bi/queer women, bisexual people, trans women, trans men, genderqueer folks, people in recovery


Gender Identity

Cisgender female

Sexual Orientation

Training and Practices

Gender Neutral Restrooms?


Comprehensive intake forms that include a patient's chosen name and gender pronouns?


Clinic uses a patient's chosen name (as opposed to their legal name) on their chart?


Trans standard of care used:

Staff Trained in LGBTQ Issues?



Solo practitioner- interned for one year at Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities; attended Gender Odyssey conference; member of PFLAG Eastside

Staff Trained in Racial & Cultural Issues?



Master's program at Seattle University required classes in Social Justice and Counseling Diverse Populations.


What does your clinic do to make the space welcoming and inclusive for LGBQ-identified patients?

I sublease in a naturopathic clinic. The clinic is a safe space for LBBQ-identified clients.

What does your clinic do to make the space welcoming and inclusive for trans- and genderqueer-identified patients?

The clinic is a safe space for trans- and genderqueer-identified clients.

Please describe the ways in which you are involved in LGBTQ community outside of your practice (ex: Do you attend conferences on working with LGBTQ clients? Are you involved in local organizations that serve these communities? etc).

Member of Ingersoll Mental Health Providers group; member of PFLAG Eastside; attend continuing education trainings on working with LGBTQ clients.

What else do you want potential patients to know about you or your clinic?

I believe that both gender and sexuality exist on a spectrum, and there is no "wrong" way to identify oneself. I believe in providing compassionate support to every client, no matter how they identify, and whether their challenges are identity-related or simply the same life challenges we all experience. I try to meet every client exactly where they are and work with them to find the best way to navigate whatever they are experiencing. I also have space available for sliding scale clients.